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Fruit and Wine Presses

Whether you call it a grape press when you're making some tasty wine or a fruit crusher while concocting your favorite homemade fruit drinks, any of our wide selection of fruit and wine press models should be a welcome addition to your collection of premium food-processing equipment.

We have several from which to choose. Whether you opt for one of the more affordable, economy buys like the Yakima Tabletop Fruit Press or something more substantial like the Homesteader Cider Press and Grinder, these are top-quality presses that are made durably enough to be passed down from one generation to the next. The Homesteader Press/Grinder may be the most aggressive apple cider press for sale anywhere, with a serious appetite that keeps its cast-iron "apple eater" asking for more fruit to demolish to a pulp. The American Harvester Double Tub press allows you to press and grind simultaneously. Now that's multi-tasking!