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Manual & Electric Can Seamers Made in the USA

As you start making more and more of your food from scratch, canning will become an economical and time-saving way to preserve large quantities of anything, from meat, fish, fruits, veggies and grains! At Homestead Helpers, we carry a variety of manual and electric All American can sealers, which are completely made in the USA. A typical All American canning machine is crafted with sturdy, hand cast aluminum and can seal up to 2-4 cans per minute (2 for manual, 4 for electric). While it makes a great home canning machine, it also serves well for industrial environments like custom canners, laboratory kitchens, commercial canners, restaurants and schools or cafeterias.

These automatic can sealers require absolutely no skill or previous experience for handling, making them great tools for beginners and home cooks. Choose a can sealer for sale at Homestead Helpers, and get it shipped to you for free!

Master Hand Crank Model 225 Automatic Master Flywheel Can Sealer No. 225F Automaic Senior Flywheel Can Sealer No. 1502
Automatic Senior Flywheel Can Sealer No. 7502 Automatic Portable Electric Can Sealer No. EL12253 All American Series 8000 Electric Can Sealer