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Wooden Garden Carts & Replacement Wheels

Nothing beats a strong, sturdy garden cart or yard cart when you're outside working with loads that need to be moved without back-breaking effort. The two wooden garden cart models we're featuring here, one with a 300-pound capacity and the other able to carry 400 pounds, provide a well-balanced, stable platform for moving anything from yard debris and hay bales to firewood logs or loose rock.

The larger of the carts, measuring 47"x32"x16" inside the bed, holds a volume of 11+ cubic feet. The smaller, at 41"x23"x12", holds 6.5 cubic feet. These gardening carts with wheels are time savers and labor savers. We're also offering replacement garden cart tires and garden cart wheels in this category. The 26"-diameter wheels are designed to fit the larger of the two carts, while the smaller version requires the 20"-diameter wheels. These carts are great anywhere you have a load to move.

20" Semi-Pneumatic Wheel Assembly
Wood Cart 20" Medium Duty
Wood Cart 26" Heavy Duty