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Apple Grinders & Motor Kits

The Apple Eater Grinder is a heavy duty cast iron grinder designed to reduce while apples to a pumice just right for pressing. Eight rows of stainless steel serrated teeth are embedded in a food grade poly grinding drum. The grinders are mounted to a sturdy backboard making them easy to position and operate. Custom designed for the American Harvester and Homesteader presses, our motor kits include everything you need to motorize your apple grinding operation. Motor kits include a 1/2 HP motor, pulleys with belt and guard, pillow-block bearings , a wooden hopper to hold your apples and all required mounting hardware.

Motor Kit - Homesteader Apple Cider Press American Harvester Apple Press Motor Kit Apple Eater Grinder 4-part
Apple Eater Grinder - Homesteader Jaffrey Apple Grinder