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Supplies & Accessories for Your Cider-Making Equipment

Once you've purchased your cider-making equipment and started using it to produce some smooth-sippin' cider, you'll learn that, like any type of mechanical equipment, it requires a certain amount of maintenance/TLC. Having a DIY fruit press means keeping it in shape with regular DIY maintenance activities. These might include coating your press' wood surfaces with EZ-DO food-grade polyurethane gel, an occasional changing of your pressing/filter bag and the replacement of any apple cider press parts needing it, although this is rare. These presses are durable.

If you'd like to build your own press, we have fruit press parts and apple cider press kits for sale for those handy enough to build their own unit. Everything you need is included, with the exception of the wooden barrel. You add any other cider press accessories you may want, such as a hopper or some transport wheels.

Petro-Gel UPS Mineral Oil Gel Apple Picker & Harvester Pressing Bag
Price: $6.00
EZ-DO Food Grade Polyurethane Gel Wooden hopper for Apple Cider Presse Grinders Apple Cider Press Wheels
Fruit Picking Bag Apple Press Starter Kit American Harvester Metal Only Kit
Fruit Picking Bag
Price: $74.95