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Genuine Squeezo Parts

When you purchase a Squeezo, you’re guaranteed an heirloom quality strainer that can be passed onto future generations and stand the test of time. But, with any machine, occasional tune-ups and small repairs are necessary, and the famous Squeezo is no exception. Keep your Squeezo in tip-top shape with authentic Squeezo parts that are made in the USA. Our selection of Squeezo replacement parts include wooden handles, stainless steel wing nuts, comprehensive screen renew kits and more.

Squeezo Repair & Replacement Parts at Your Door

Crucial to the success of your homemade sauces and purees, Squeezo Strainer parts are specialty items that aren’t easily accessible at your local hardware or home goods store. That’s why Homestead Helpers provides a place for you to get all of your Squeezo parts and accessories, as well as the rest of your homesteading supplies, all in one convenient place and shipped straight to your front door!

Squeezo Screen Wing Nuts Squeezo¬ Spring Squeezo Handle Wing Nut
Bottle brush for Squeezo Strainer Squeezo Ferrule Squeezo� Recipe Book
Squeezo Ferrule
Price: $5.00
Squeezo Screen Renew Kit Squeezo¬ Plunger Squeezo T-Bar Clamp
Squeezo Plunger
Price: $8.50
Squeezo Drive Shaft Squeezo Handle Squeezo Drain Tray
Squeezo Handle
Price: $23.00
Squeezo Drain Tray
Price: $25.00
Squeezo� Aluminum Hopper, Made in USA Squeezo¬ Scroll Squeezo¬ Housing
Squeezo Hopper
Price: $34.50
Squeezo Scroll
Price: $62.00
Squeezo Housing
Price: $62.00