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Strainer Basket Screens for Squeezo

Since as far back as 1919, when a young Italian immigrant family started selling the original Squeezo sauce strainer they were manufacturing at their backyard assembly plant, this appliance has been a favorite among Italian cooking aficionados for the wonderful tomato sauces and purees it produces. The Squeezo screen used to make tomato sauce is also the same size needed for straining apples.

In the past, Squeezo screens were made from nickel-plated steel, which made them durable enough but also opened the door to some pitting and rusting after a certain period of time. Today, the strainer screen for Squeezo strainers is 100% stainless steel, making it food-grade quality. A stainless steel strainer is easy to maintain and offers little or no chance of rust or pitting. In addition to the Squeezo tomato strainer screen, you'll also notice we have a screen for straining berries and another one for pumpkin and salsa.

Squeezo Tomato/Apple Screen Squeezo� stainless steel berry screen Squeezo� Pumpkin/Salsa Screen