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All-Metal Squeezo Sauce Maker

Squeezo was brought to America by its Italian creator in 1907. By the 1930s, the Squeezo Strainer had become a staple in almost every American home. Used to create old-country tomato sauces and purees and for home canning, over 100 years from creation, this sauce maker still remains the best strainer on the market.

The high quality, all-metal Squeezo can be used as a tomato press, to make applesauce, to create fruit juice and so much more. Whether you’re new to pressing foods at home or a seasoned pro, you’ll find using the Squeezo Strainer allows you to produce more juice and purees with less effort than with other strainers. No peeling or coring required! All skin and seeds are discharged into a bowl separate from your sauce or juice.

Squeezo Parts & Screens

When you’re searching for the original, made in America Squeezo Strainer, look no further than Homestead Helpers. We’re proud to provide factory original Squeezos, plus genuine Squeezo parts and stainless steel screens! Have a question about purchasing or using a Squeezo? Give us a call! We’re happy to answer all questions about any of our products.

Squeezo Strainer Deluxe in Three Colors Squeezo® Strainer in three colors Squeezo¬ Housing
Squeezo Housing
Price: $62.00
Squeezo¬ Scroll Squeezo� Pumpkin/Salsa Screen Squeezo� stainless steel berry screen
Squeezo Scroll
Price: $62.00
Squeezo� Aluminum Hopper, Made in USA Squeezo Tomato/Apple Screen Squeezo Drain Tray
Squeezo Hopper
Price: $34.50
Squeezo Drain Tray
Price: $25.00
Squeezo Handle Squeezo Drive Shaft Squeezo T-Bar Clamp
Squeezo Handle
Price: $23.00
Squeezo¬ Plunger Squeezo Screen Renew Kit Squeezo� Recipe Book
Squeezo Plunger
Price: $8.50
Squeezo Ferrule Bottle brush for Squeezo Strainer Squeezo Handle Wing Nut
Squeezo Ferrule
Price: $5.00
Squeezo¬ Spring Squeezo Screen Wing Nuts