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The root of self-sufficiency is the food you put in your stomach, and Homestead Helpers provides the best garden supplies online to grow and harvest your own fruits and vegetables 100% organically! Every gardener knows that it takes an immense amount of love and care to produce a lush and fruitful garden, so make sure you’re working the soil with quality lawn care equipment. Homestead garden products, like our heavy duty wooden carts, precision seed planters and protective seed houses and cold frames, are just a few tools necessary for a bountiful garden.

Landscaping Supplies for a Beautiful Yard

And while the assurance of putting fresh, not genetically-modified or hormone-induced, food on your family’s plates is certainly reason enough to start taking care of your yard, that doesn’t mean it can’t look nice as well! Cultivate your garden with attractive, wood-handled yard tools, or turn it into a personal sanctuary with beautiful outdoor cedar furniture like rustic garden swings and potting benches.

All of our lawn and garden equipment are functional and aesthetically pleasing all the same, so you can create the perfect landscape for your home. If you need help finding a specific item for your next homesteading project, don’t hesitate to call us at (802) 287-4788!

Wood Cart 26" Heavy Duty Wood Cart 20" Medium Duty Bio-Star 1500 Premium Cold Frame
Weston 48" Propane Vertical Smoker Rustic Cedar Garden Tea Set Rustic Cedar American Garden Swing
Rustic Cedar Garden Potting Bench Rustic Cedar Porch Swing Weston 36" Propane Vertical Smoker
AeroBin 200 Insulated Composter - 55 Gal. Thermo King 900 Compost Bin Weston 30" Propane Vertical Smoker
Thermo-King 900
Price: $199.99
Easy-Fix Cold Frame Jewell AeroQuick Compost Bin Vegetable Garden Row Seed Planter
High-Wheel Cultivator Garden, garage or yard, Handy-Caddy Tractor Seat on Wheels lets you work comfortably! FlowerHouse StarterHouse
Worm Factory 360 Worm Composter Worm Factory 3-Tray Worm Composter
FlowerHouse¬ RowHouse Flowerhouse¬ SeedHouse
FlowerHouse•À_ SeedHouse Jr
20" Semi-Pneumatic Wheel Assembly FlowerHouse  PlantHouse